Kent Experts in Pest Control

From a spider web in the corner of your kitchen to roof rats scurrying around in your attic, pest infestations can cause major headaches. While you might be able to deal with some unwelcome visitors on your own, many pests require professional help for complete extermination. To save you time and energy, we’ve compiled this list of Kent experts in pest control.

Located at the heart of the Seattle metro, Kent is a bustling city of thriving neighborhoods and businesses that rely on warehousing and manufacturing. However, this picturesque coastline and waterfront city also boasts gorgeous parks, impressive historical museums, and plenty of evening entertainment options. Unfortunately, Kent residents and business owners often find themselves plagued by unwelcome guests, including pests that are eager to make a home for themselves in homes and businesses.

Cockroaches are fond of cluttered counter Kent experts in pest control tops and stacks of dirty dishes, open trash cans, and leaky pipes. They hide during the day and crawl out at night to contaminate food and surfaces. Bed bugs are also a common household pest in Kent. These minuscule pests hide behind baseboards, door and window molding, nightstands, headboards, and cracks in furniture. They feed on blood, causing itchy bumps on exposed skin.

To ensure that pests don’t make a home in yours, United Pest Solutions offers preventative pest management services. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep pests like ants, spiders, rodents, and mosquitoes at bay. These methods are environmentally-safe, cost-effective, and work to eliminate infestations long-term.

A few nuisances, for example, the red flour creepy crawly (Tribolium castaneum), are viewed as a danger to food security. The bug is viewed as all through the world and assaults put away grain items. It can make huge financial misfortunes ranchers and purchasers. Much of the time, pesticides are utilized to control these bugs. Be that as it may, pesticide opposition can happen, making it more hard to accomplish the ideal outcome.