Big Rig Attorney Sacramento

While any motor vehicle accident can be devastating, those involving large trucks, or “big rigs,” are often more severe. This is because of the enormous size and weight of these vehicles, which can cause catastrophic damage in a collision. Moreover, truckers must follow strict federal and state safety guidelines, yet not all do so, which can lead to serious accidents. A Sacramento big rig accident lawyer can help victims recover compensation for their damages.

Our big rig attorneys Big Rig Attorney Sacramento have extensive experience handling these complex cases. They can determine liability for your injuries, and pursue the full amount of your damages from all parties responsible. This includes the truck driver, their employer, and their insurance company. They are skilled in pursuing vicarious liability claims against trucking companies for negligent hiring practices, intense delivery quotas that lead to exhausted drivers, and other systemic failures that contribute to trucking accidents.

Your attorney can also work to secure the necessary evidence for your case, including obtaining and reviewing the truck’s black box data. Many trucks are fitted with these devices, which can provide important information about the truck’s speed, braking history, and other driving metrics. Your lawyer can coordinate with professional expert witnesses like forensic engineers to analyze the black box data and determine what caused your accident. They can also hold government entities responsible for maintaining safe roadways, as well as manufacturers of defective trucks and truck parts.

Moreover, your Sacramento truck accident lawyer can fight for punitive damages against at-fault parties in your claim. These are damages that go above and beyond compensatory damages, such as medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. They are meant to deter future negligence and reckless behavior. Our attorneys have a proven track record of obtaining substantial settlements for our clients, even when battling against major trucking companies and their well-funded corporate lawyers.

Big rig accidents can leave victims with severe and potentially life-threatening injuries, especially those in smaller cars and vehicles. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the maximum recovery possible for your losses, so you can focus on your recovery and live a stress-free life. Contact Curtis Legal Group today for a free consultation. We can answer your questions, review the facts of your case, and explain how we can help. We handle all types of personal injury claims, including car and motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, wrongful death claims, and more. We serve clients throughout California, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. To learn more, call us now or fill out our online form. We offer free initial consultations, and you only pay us if we win your case. We also have Spanish-speaking attorneys available. We accept all major credit cards and offer convenient payment plans for our services. We represent victims of big rig accidents in Sacramento, as well as the surrounding counties and communities.